Prototype design of sodium meter

Innovating in Diabetes Insipidus Management: A Breakthrough in Blood Sodium Testing

Introduction Managing diabetes insipidus just got a significant boost, thanks to the groundbreaking work of ... Read more
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Development of Patient Registry Well Underway

The Raymond A. Wood Foundation hosted our first International Hypothalamic-Pituitary Brain Tumor Patient Registry advisory ... Read more
Jess Betty Connor Brain Tumor Survivor

Jessica, a Germinoma Survivor, Faces Sodium Complications Later in Life

Survivors of hypothalamic-pituitary tumors pay a high price for survival. Many, through their lifetime, will ... Read more

RAWF Develops Spanish Language Resources through a Grant

In 2022, the Raymond A. Wood Foundation (RAWF) was named a grantee of the Global ... Read more

A True Survivor – Meet Gadiel, RAWF’s Latest Blood Analyzer Recipient

Gadiel is described as a loving and strong six-year-old boy. On 3/6/2020, he endured a ... Read more

Meet Bostyn, Latest Handheld Blood Analyzer Recipient

Bostyn was diagnosed and treated for a craniopharyngioma brain tumor in the summer of 2021 and since then, daily labwork has been a requirement to manage diabetes insipidus, a condition, caused by the tumor or treatment, where the brain can no longer manage the body’s fluid balance. This can cause high or low blood sodium which can be fatal if not managed properly, but management of this condition is tricky.

Craniopharyngioma diagrama

2022 Research Progress on Craniopharyngioma

by Nathalie Kayadjanian, Ph.D., RAWF Scientific Advisor Image Credit: National Cancer Institute While surgery and ... Read more
CZI Convening

Learning How to Drive Research

The Raymond A. Wood Foundation Joins Fellow Rare As One Network Organizations in a Convening Hosted by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Grantees of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Rare As One (RAO) Network convened this past week in San Diego, California for three days of training on advancing research in their respective diseases.

Raymond A. Wood Foundation Welcomes New Board Member and Elects New Chair

The Raymond A. Wood Foundation (RAWF), a rare disease patient advocacy organization, whose mission is to empower survivors of hypothalamic-pituitary (H-P) brain tumors with an improved quality of life by providing access to education, technology, and evolving treatments, announces exciting changes to the foundation’s board of directors including the addition of Christine Selko and the election of Eugenie Hsu, Ph.D. as chairperson.

Dear Parents: Here’s What I Want You to Know About Managing HO

Contributed by Lynne Mathies, craniopharyngioma survivor and RAWF intern “At the end of the day, ... Read more
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