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We have ambitious goals over the next three years. See our approach to achieving our mission.

2022-2025 Goals and Objectives

The Raymond A. Wood Foundation sets out to achieve the following goals and objectives over the next 3 years:

Goal #1 Treatments & Outcomes

Facilitate the establishment of a standard-of-care that prioritizes the simultaneous optimization of survivorship and quality-of-life for patients.

Objective #1 Collaborate with the scientific community to create an interdisciplinary standard-of-care and develop a treatment decision-making matrix that prioritizes improved prognostic and quality of life outcomes.

Objective #2 Design and build a craniopharyngioma patient registry to advance research and drug development.

Objective #3 Support and assist in growing existing craniopharyngioma biobanks to enrich data to facilitate research on tumor treatment and post-treatment management.

Goal #2 Quality of Life

Attenuate the most treatment-elusive conditions affecting hypothalamic-pituitary tumor survivors’ poor quality of life.

Objective #1 Continue and grow approaches to manage diabetes insipidus from providing handheld blood analyzers, development of fluid logging mechanism and driving the development of a home-use sodium meter for adipsic diabetes insipidus patients.

Objective #2 Document the hypothalamic obesity patient experience and gather other relevant information from patients and caregivers for an FDA-approved drug.

Objective #3 Address the poorly understood and difficult-to-treat conditions including symptoms of hypothalamic syndrome, neurocognitive symptoms, and social impairment by building and coordinating a network of interdisciplinary scientific partners, biotech/pharma industry partners, and other associated-disease organizations.

Goal #3 Education & Outreach

Increase support to hypothalamic-pituitary brain tumor patients and their caregivers throughout the patient journey from diagnosis and treatment through survivorship.

Objective #1 Create and maintain a website on craniopharyngioma to provide updated information and essential resources on the tumor treatment and management of chronic conditions and issues facing long term survivors.

Objective #2 Provide accessible educational information and resources for all patients including pediatric and adult, non-English speakers, African diaspora, and other underserved populations at tumor diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment encounter points.

Objective #3 Expand membership program and community engagement inclusive of the diverse patient population with resources that address newly diagnosed patients, transitions from pediatric to adulthood and adult patients.

Goal #4 Communication & Awareness

Increasing awareness of the challenges of hypothalamic-pituitary brain tumors and developing resources for the brain tumor community, healthcare providers and the general public.

Objective #1 Share helpful information and resources with healthcare providers in targeted geographical areas to increase referrals to RAWF particularly among the underserved patient communities.

Objective #2 Develop a communication plan to build awareness in the global patient community to increase awareness of the support resources provided by RAWF.

Objective #3 Grow board of directors and membership with representation from diverse patient communities to increase the foundation’s reach.

Goal #5 Development &Stewardship

Identify and pursue the most promising strategies to increase revenue to support our mission.

Objective #1 Invest in resources and capabilities to significantly expand revenues targeting a doubling of annual funds raised by 2025 and diversify our revenue portfolio with a focus on major giving, cultivating community fundraising and identifying and implementing new fundraising platforms.

Objective #2 Develop and implement a stewardship program that focuses on acquisition, retention and conversion to build mid-level giving, major giving and planned giving strategies that result in ongoing and meaningful investments for our donors.

Objective #3 Develop and expand relationships with corporate, organization and industry partners to grow sponsorships for research and patient programs.

Strategic Plan table highlighting key goals

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