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Leigha - a cranio warrior



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Hello, I’m Leigha! I am a proud cranio warrior! I was diagnosed [with a craniopharyngioma] in 2019 at the age of 24. I had my first brain surgery on my one year wedding anniversary to my middle school sweetheart. We were able to celebrate our anniversary the night before surgery from my hospital bed. 

Throughout my journey, I spent 40 days in the neuro ICU due to severalcomplications. Luckily, I had the best surgeon, nurses and staff at Vanderbilt Hospital. My hospital stay was followed by inpatient rehab and proton radiation. This whole experience made me grow so much closer to the Lord and fall deeper in love with my husband; like our first dance song said “darling you and me, we can take the world.” I wouldn’t change anything we have been through. It’s made us stronger. 

Through the support and many prayers of our family and friends I have recovered. I have overcome so many obstacles and find joy in every day! 


After one year of recovery, I returned and finished my graduate school program. I am now a speech pathologist in an elementary school. I love my story. God gave me my testimony.

Leigha in front of an mri