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The Raymond A. Wood Foundation continues to add features to the website to better support our patient, survivor and caregiver community. Last month we launched a page for those who are newly diagnosed to find important resources and support. This month, we launched a page dedicated to giving patients access to clinical trials specific to craniopharyngioma and its comorbidities engineered by Power, a company whose mission is to “help more patients find treatments and speed up the process of medical science as we go.” 

Power states that patients are eager to participate in promising clinical trials which might improve their condition but struggle to navigate the maze of medical jargon and healthcare logistics, often giving up before they get access. RAWF worked with Power to develop a widget for that would allow our patient community to easily access clinical trial information specifically to hypothalamic-pituitary tumors. The feature offers checklists for inclusion and exclusion criteria, maps that show trial locations, trial timelines and a way to ask questions to the study coordinator. 

“I think this is a great feature to add to our website and I look forward to expanding on it,” said Amy Wood, RAWF executive director. “We want to be able to find and participate in clinical trials and that process can be overwhelming. Power did a great job simplifying it.”

Check out the new clinical trial finder feature and let us know what you think.

ROAR for RARE, the campaign for the Raymond A. Wood Foundation, is working to raise funds to build a website hub for craniopharyngioma including more expanded features like this. Find out more and support this campaign.