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Hypothalamic Obesity Clinical Trials Update

Updates on Current and Pending Hypothalamic Obesity Clinical Trials

We are pleased to share updates on several clinical trials focusing on hypothalamic obesity (HO), ... Read more
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Raymond A. Wood Foundation Partners with STOP Obesity Alliance

In September 2022, Raymond A. Wood Foundation partnered with George Washington University’s STOP (Strategies to ... Read more

Dear Parents: Here’s What I Want You to Know About Managing HO

Contributed by Lynne Mathies, craniopharyngioma survivor and RAWF intern “At the end of the day, ... Read more

RAWF Hosts Patient Listening Session on HO

The Raymond A. Wood Foundation (RAWF) whose mission is to empower hypothalamic-pituitary brain tumor survivors ... Read more

Marci Serota, RDN Joins RAWF Board of Directors

The Raymond A. Wood Foundation welcomes Marci Serota, RDN to our board of directors. Marci ... Read more
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Hypothalamic Obesity Update in NORD’s Rare Disease Database

Hypothalamic Obesity (HO) is a rare condition often brought on by injury of the hypothalamus ... Read more

Hope for HO through Oxytocin

In 2016, my son was 13 years old and a 5-year-survivor of a brain tumor called craniopharyngioma. While we were grateful that he had survived the tumor and surgery, his quality of life was poor due largely to hypothalamic obesity with hyperphagia, a cruel condition characterized by symptoms including uncontrollable hunger and rapid weight gain. To prevent him from eating as much as his ravenous appetite dictated, we resorted to locking up all food and keeping a constant watch of him lest he steal food. It was an exhausting, depressing, and unsustainable lifestyle.

Managing the Holidays and Hypothalamic Obesity

It’s that time of year where food is plentiful for most of us. COVID-19 may change how we celebrate the holidays, and turning to food as comfort may even be more of an issue this year. For those with hypothalamic obesity (HO) or caregivers of survivors with this condition, this time of year can be the most challenging. Marci Serota, RDN, HO expert shares advice for dealing with the holiday food situations.

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Rare Disease Researchers Gather Virtually to Discuss Potential Therapies for Hypothalamic Obesity

Hypothalamic obesity (HO) is a devastating condition that can come from treatment of a tumor ... Read more

Promising Results from Clinical Trial of Tesomet in Treatment of Hypothalamic Obesity

Last week, Saniona, biopharmaceutical company focused on rare diseases, announced top line results from its 24-week double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 2 trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of Tesomet in patients with hypothalamic obesity (HO).

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