Managing the Holidays and Hypothalamic Obesity

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It’s that time of year where food is plentiful for most of us. COVID-19 may change how we celebrate the holidays, and turning to food as comfort may even be more of an issue this year. For those with hypothalamic obesity (HO) or caregivers of survivors with this condition, this time of year can be the most challenging.

Navigating family get togethers, being able to prepare HO-friendly meals during a really busy time and general ways to manage nutrition are all issues that we face during the holidays and often throughout the year.

In our first episode of Survivor Sessions, a video series around issues affecting our brain tumor community, we talk to Marci Serota, RDN, hypothalamic obesity nutrition expert, about how to handle the holidays and a little general advice on food and hypothalamic obesity. We talk about how to prepare for family gatherings and the emotional issues around food and the holidays and getting past that to keep the whole family comfortable when triggers arise.

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