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Isaac, age 7, from Eugene, OR, was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma brain tumor just this past December. The after effects of tumor treatment included difficult-to-manage diabetes insipidus with fluctuating sodium levels and an unreliable thirst mechanism due to hypothalamic damage.

His condition requires frequent blood draws. The lab visits were difficult because his veins have been blown from so many attempts to draw blood leading to trauma for Isaac and worry for mom, Brenda, who was struggling to manage this situation.

According to Brenda, “IV specialists even have a very hard time drawing labs from him. This machine would help reduce the amount of trauma he is under, and help us to know if his sodiums are normal even when he isn’t showing thirst cues.”

The family has had the device for a few weeks and are better able to help Isaac stay in a healthy sodium range.

“They’ve been making lots of changes to medications and I am so thankful I to be able to make sure his sodium is in a good range and keep him safe,” said Brenda. It’s such a blessing, I can’t even put into words how much it means to me! “

We are happy to report that Isaac’s six month post-op MRI scan was all clear! Thank you for continuing to help us help pediatric brain tumor survivors and their caregivers manage these tricky conditions for peace of mind and forward progress. Go Isaac go!