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Meet Molly Brenner, 19, from Kansas, who will be receiving a handheld blood analyzer to help manage her diabetes insipidus making her our third recipient. Molly was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma brain tumor in 2012 on her at age 14 on her fourth day of high school. Her tumor was removed via a craniotomy at Childrens Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Molly suffers from diabetes insipidus (DI), hypothalamic obesity (HO), adrenal insufficiency (AI) and is visually impaired. Recently, she was diagnosed with pulmonary vasculitis. Unfortunately, the parts of the brain impacted by this tumor treatment control the overall health of the rest of the body which can leave patients like Molly susceptible to other diseases.

Molly’s main goal is to be independent and she is progressing well toward that goal. She is currently in a transition program at the Kansas School for the Blind, a little over 6.5 hours from home. The programs prepares students for independent living. She is also taking classes at Johnson County Community College.

“Having this device will be a huge part of helping  Molly achieve her goal of independence and manage her own health care,” says Cindy, Molly’s mom. “With the distance she is from home, this device will also lift a burden of worry from her dad and me, since she can monitor her sodium without trips to the ER, doctor’s office or lab.”

Cindy says though Molly is faced with many challenges, she never gives up and maintains a positive attitude through it all. Cindy states, “she is truly my hero and such an inspiration!”

Well, Molly, you truly are an inspiration and we are beyond honored to help you achieve your goals of staying healthy and gaining independence! Thank you to our supporters for making this possible for Molly and our other two recipients.

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