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Raymond A. Wood Foundation relies on the generosity of supporters to fulfill its mission and sustain its operations. As such, fundraising activities play a crucial role in enabling us to carry out our work effectively. This policy outlines our approach to fundraising and sets forth guidelines for individuals or groups interested in supporting our cause through fundraising efforts.


  1. Transparency: Raymond A. Wood Foundation is committed to transparency in all fundraising activities. We strive to provide clear and accurate information to donors, supporters, and the public about how their contributions are used to further our mission.
  2. Accountability: We are accountable to our donors, supporters, and the communities we serve. We ensure that funds raised are utilized responsibly and in alignment with our organizational goals and priorities.
  3. Ethical Conduct: Raymond A. Wood Foundation adheres to the highest ethical standards in all fundraising activities. We comply with relevant laws and regulations governing charitable fundraising and maintain integrity and honesty in our interactions with donors and supporters.

Fundraising Activities

  1. Organizational Fundraisers: Raymond A. Wood Foundation may organize fundraising events, campaigns, or initiatives to generate financial support for our programs and activities. These efforts are coordinated and overseen by designated staff or volunteers and are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Third-Party Fundraisers: Individuals or groups interested in organizing fundraising activities on behalf of Raymond A. Wood Foundation are welcome to do so with prior approval. However, it is important to note that third-party fundraisers are responsible for covering any expenses incurred in organizing and hosting their events or initiatives. Raymond A. Wood Foundation does not assume financial responsibility for these expenses.
  3. Donor Relationships: We value our relationships with donors and supporters and strive to cultivate positive and meaningful connections. We express gratitude for their contributions and provide regular updates on the impact of their support.

Guidelines for Fundraisers

  1. Approval Process: Individuals or groups seeking to organize fundraising activities on behalf of Raymond A. Wood Foundation must obtain prior approval from the appropriate authority. This may involve submitting a proposal outlining the proposed fundraising initiative, including details such as goals, budget, timeline, and intended use of funds.
  2. Financial Responsibility: Third-party fundraisers are responsible for managing all financial aspects of their events or initiatives, including budgeting, expenses, and accounting. Raymond A. Wood Foundation does not provide financial assistance or reimbursements for expenses incurred by third-party fundraisers.
  3. Use of Branding and Materials: Fundraisers must adhere to Raymond A. Wood Foundation’s branding guidelines and obtain permission to use any logos, trademarks, or other proprietary materials in their promotional materials or communications.
  4. Compliance: All fundraising activities conducted on behalf of Raymond A. Wood Foundation must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those related to charitable solicitation, taxation, and financial reporting.


Raymond A. Wood Foundation is grateful for the support of donors, supporters, and fundraisers who share our commitment to making a positive impact in our communities. By adhering to the principles and guidelines outlined in this policy, we ensure that our fundraising efforts are conducted with integrity, transparency, and accountability.