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Jack, a cranio warrior during treatment



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Hello, my name is Jack! In 2015, I was diagnosed with a Craniopharyngioma in May of my fourth grade. I underwent a 9-hour surgery, a six-week hospital stay with multiple medical appointments to follow. I am fortunate that my parents were able to take time off work to care for me and become educated on my medical condition. Their professionals also allowed them to have the ability to advocate for progressive treatment options with several trips to SickKids hospital in Toronto every year since 2015. This experience drastically changed my outlook on life, and I learned to appreciate what I could do and what I could aspire to do rather than the barriers of my medical situation.

I chose to focus on community service, student government, and shifted my athletic goals toward low-impact activities. I actively participate in student government as the minister of finance to serve my school community while developing my leadership skills. I have also incorporated my passion for golf, skiing, and going to the gym into my fitness goals.

After almost 8 years of recovery, I am graduating high school and going to Western University for financial modeling this September! I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to live, thrive, and surmount challenges with the support of my family, friends, medical staff, and school communities. I am grateful for the challenges I have overcome, as they have shaped me into a stronger and more resilient person, and I am motivated to continue succeeding alongside others in the future.