Set us your fundraising campaign on Facebook for Giving Tuesday for RAWF. Help us share our mission to your network of friends. You can set this up a few days before or the day of.

Instructions to set up a #GivingTuesday Personal Fundraiser page through Facebook:

  1. Create Fundraising page via this link:

    • Who is organizing the fundraiser? Select personal profile

    • Who are you raising money for? Select Raymond A. Wood Foundation

    • How much money do you want to raise? Set your personal fundraising goal here.

    • When should your fundraiser end? 11/28/2018

  2. Click Next

    • What’s the title of your fundraiser? Ex.#GivingTuesday Fundraiser for RAWF

    • Why are you raising money?

  3. Click Next to choose a cover photo - you can use the one posted on this page.

  4. Click Create

Additional option: Match donations

  1. You may pledge to match donations up to a any amount between $5 and $2,500.

  2. To setup match, add your credit card info when you enter the amount you want to match. (A temporary $1 verification will charged to card and immediately refunded)

  3. Once fundraiser reaches pledge amount, you can pay the matching donation directly on the fundraiser page or your credit card will be charged automatically within 24 hrs of the fundraiser ending.

  4. If your fundraiser receives fewer donations than the amount pledged to match, you’re only responsible for paying the lower amount.

Share! Share! Share!

SHARE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Let them know about RAWF and why it matters to you. Stay engaged throughout the campaign. Celebrating milestones, goals reached, etc. Here is a reference on ideas of things that we have done and will do. We will also be posting graphics on the RAWF Facebook page for you to share.