Two Years  Tumor-Free

Dear Friends,

Today, our six-year old son Alex is officially two years tumor-free. On this day, two-years ago, Alex was taken in for emergency brain surgery at Johns Hopkins. Every year he celebrates a “tumorversary,” the odds are reduced that the tumor will reoccur. 

Two years ago today, our worlds forever changed and we started on a difficult journey of navigating the complexities of Alex’s diagnosis. We are so thankful that he is now stable and continuing to make forward progress, allowing us to channel our experiences in this journey towards helping others in similar circumstances through the Raymond A. Wood Foundation.

Navigating through the challenges after Alex’s brain tumor removal have been difficult, but we were fortunate to gain access an I-STAT blood analyzer through our pediatrician to manage Alex’s condition at home. The use of this device helped Alex avoid many of the complications that can occur after tumor removal by helping us monitor the sodium levels in his blood that, when off-balance, can cause seizure, coma and other life-threatening conditions. With the ability to monitor Alex’s blood levels at home, the device has reduced the need for hospital visits, and in turn, has greatly reduced his medical trauma, our health care costs and time spent out of work caring for him. 

The quality of life that can result from having I-STAT on hand is immeasurable and can make a world of difference to a family and their ability to care for their child with similar conditions. Fewer hospital visits help children stay in school and thrive as a normally as possible. The ability to manage complications give families some control over an otherwise uncontrollable situation. With the I-STAT, we are empowered to continue fighting for Alex and we are inspired to help other families do the same.

Brain tumor survival doesn’t come cheap. Many families struggle with the medical costs and income lost from days off from work when their child is hospitalized or ill. The emotional and financial stress that families face often reduce their ability to manage their child’s disease and that is why the Raymond A. Wood Foundation is focused on helping families “survive survival” with an I-STAT of their own.

In celebration of the two years that Alex has thrived post-brain tumor removal, we are asking 200 donors to give at least $10 each to help us give another child and their family a chance to celebrate their own “tumorversary” every year by providing them with their own I-STAT. We are only $2000 away from reaching our fundraising goal of providing the machine to our first family.

As an incentive and thank you, all donors will be entered to win a weekend getaway to Bethany Beach Ocean Suites or Massey’s Landing Resort - both lovely properties in the Delaware beach area. You can follow this link to donate, be entered to win this vacation, all while helping a survivor and family not only improve their quality of life, but improve their chances AT life.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and urge you to donate by May 31st in recognition of Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

Everyone who has donated and supported us in this effort, thank you. For all those that continue to keep Alex in your prayers, know that they are working and we ask that you keep all families affected by brain tumor in your prayers as well.


God bless!

Amy & Shawn Wood